19″ Female Head w/Long Neck/Wt


Great for storage and maintenance of long wigs, sunhats, veils, standout displays and promotions. Ideal for center pieces and special events.
Other mannequin heads, wig heads, and display heads are also available. Other heights (15.5?H), coatings, colors, and finishes may be specified at different price levels. Optional hole in the base for our display and styling accessories.
19?H White. Base: 8 3/8? x 5 3/8?
Circumference/Head Size: 21.5? Hairline: 21.75?
Face dimensions: 8 1/2? x 5 1/2? (top of head to chin & ear to ear)
Neck dimensions: 2.5? diameter, 7.5? circumference.

Additional information

Weight 0.38 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 19 in


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