Monarch 1115 label gun with custom band (LABEL GUN)

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Available in several models that incorporate a number of different characters and positions, the Monarch 1115 can handle nearly any price-marking task you give it, including unit or comparison pricing, ?was? / ?now? labeling, even cost-coding. With its huge variety of print options, you can keep track of inventory (like FIFO), create SKUs, print shelf dates and much more.

We?ve made loading even faster and easier by adding red touch points in all the places you?ll use most, such as:

Band selector
Cover latches
Hub carriers
Inner track latch
Liner guide opening
Labeler Features:

Red “touchpoints” are incorporated throughout the labelers to help guide the user through important tasks such as loading, clearing jams and removing the ink rollers.
Instructional videos are easily accessed by scanning the QR code conveniently located on the labeler.
Use for price-marking as well as date-coding
Print months, years, units, SKUs, alpha codes and more
One ink roller included with labeler purchase
Crisp, compact, clear printing
Drop-tested for assured durability; known to last for decades
Unique design minimizes messy ink on fingers and products
Made in the USA
48-hour repair turnaround
Labeler Specifications:
Prints two lines up to eight characters each
Weight: 18.8 oz. with one roll of labels
Dimensions: 18.75 x 18.5 x 14 in.
Label feed direction: Portrait (vertical)
Label print direction: Landscape (horizontal)
Max. character height: 3mm on top / 5mm on bottom
Limited 1-year written warranty
Accessories (not included):
Monarch 1115 Labels
Monarch 1115 Ink Rollers (one included with labeler purchase)
Monarch All-Purpose Holster
Polypro Adjustable Belt
Monarch Label Scraper
Labeler Belt Clip
Stainless Steel Clip

Additional information

Weight 0.92 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 2.5 in


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