Double-sided Clear Tape 1″ x 20yds

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XFasten Double Sided Tape Clear, Removable, 1-Inch by 20-Yards
Reliable Crystal Clear Transparent Double Sided Tape: Adheres to smooth, rough as well as uneven and corrugated surfaces- perfect for adhering transparent runners on floors, adhering laminated and transparent sheets on walls, CNC machine woodworking, guitar making and other industrial hobby activities that require stable adhesion. Ideal as a Gift Wrap Tape, Holding Carpets, and Woodworking
This double sided sticky tape offers medium duty adhesion and is removable making it ideal for DECORATING EVENTS ON TEMPORARY SPACES such as auditoriums, churches, conference rooms, classrooms, apartments and other locations where the tape needs to be removed later.
Ideal for surface protection of leather seats, sofas and furniture from pet scratches, sealing, light repairing, and other adhesion applications. CRYSTAL CLEAR AND RESISTS YELLOWING?making it perfect for furniture applications as the color and texture beneath it can still be displayed clearly.
Resists curling, unnecessary splitting and shredding. Easy to pull out of the roll, cut and install. Manageable and is resistant to UV, heat and moisture?making this tape an all-rounder in both indoor and outdoor applications.

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Dimensions 3 × 5.5 × 7 in


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