Lozier Widespan Uprite Frame

Lozier Widespan Uprite Frame



Lozier Widespan Uprite Frame


Widespan Uprite Frame

  • One-piece Uprite Frames for units 48″ – 120″
  • Uprite post slotted on face, allows shelf adjustment 2″ on center
  • Square holes punched on sides of Uprite post for accessories
  • Accessory holes punched 6″ on center on face of Uprite also aid beam placement
  • Top Caps included on each Uprite
  • One Frame required for each section, plus one at end of each run
  • To provide increased protection under harsh shipping conditions add “SPC” to part number for additional packaging
  • Floor Anchors, Floor Protectors, or Back to Back Connectors may be ordered separately
  • Evenly distributed load of 10,000 lbs per Uprite Frame at 48″ max. Beam spacing, vertically


  • ?RE? Frame available in 72? ? 120?H and all depths (lower Frame only on 132? ? 192?)
  • For use with hand loader/stacker
  • Reduces chance of Frame damage
  • Channel welded inside each post in lower 48?
  • Welded foot plate for anchoring, 1/2? hole

– Depth: 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″, 42″, 48″

– Height: 048″, 060″, 072″, 084″, 096″, 120″

– Reinforced Uprite for Hand Loader/Stacker Applications: RE, Leave blank if not applicable

– Additional Packaging: SPC, Leave blank if not applicable

– Standard Finish: PLT, Optional Catalog Colors

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

18", 24", 30", 36", 42", 48"


, , , , , ,


No, Yes

Additional Packaging

No, Yes

Lozier Finish

PLT-Platinum, LAX-Platinum Laminate, MA1-Platinum Melamine, WHT-White, L1J-White Laminate, MA5-White Melamine, W08-Cool White, LX4-Cool White Laminate, SIL-Silver, LX6-Silver Laminate, MB5-Silver Melamine, GRY-Gray, LB3-Gray Laminate, MB4-Gray Melamine, CHR-Charcoal, LB8-Charcoal Laminate, MB6-Charcoal Melamine, A65-Oyster, N75-Nubian Brown, N81-Classic Copper, A37-Foundry, LTA-Foundry Laminate, AA8- Statuary Bronze, T76-Tan, SAN-Sand, RBL-Royal Blue, G35-Hunter Green, G98-Green, R53-Primary Red, LH2-Primary Red Laminate, POP-Poppy, YEL-Yellow, Q88-Silver Vein, QJ6-Black Rust, QH3-Sparkle Silver, QK5-Black Wrinkle, QL6-Copper Vein, QG8-Clear Coat, QS9-Powder Brass, LAW-White Leather, L92-Cocobala Laminate, LLR-Wild Cherry Laminate, MF7-Wild Cherry Melamine, LIM-Maple Laminate, L0H-Solar Oak, LA1-Oak Laminate, IA1-Oak Melamine, 2LY-Pewter Brush, LZJ-Brushed Aluminum, BCP-Chrome Plated, CLR-Clear Glass, SAT-Aluminum, Clear Anodized, GLV-Galvanized, ZNC-Zinc Wire Grid, N/A, PTD-Painted Random, S04-Seal Coated

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