Advance Displays is the largest stocking Lozier Certified Provider of products and related accessories.  The Lozier line of display shelving is a beacon of quality and flexibility that stands as the pinnacle in the retail industry. Renowned for its widespread use and unwavering trust, the Lozier gondola shelving system redefines the retail experience by offering unparalleled quality and unmatched versatility.


Headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, with facilities across the U.S., Lozier Corporation is the leading manufacturer of products used by retailers in stores and warehouses, with a vision to be operationally excellent in support of retail’s present and future. Retailers have relied on our quality products and service for more than 65 years.

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Gondola Shelving Rails

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Top Rail – 245001

$5.07 – $27.32

Splicer Rail – 244997

$8.94 – $17.73

Center Rail – 244995

$5.07 – $24.39

Bottom Rail – 244990

$5.07 – $35.68

Gondola Shelving COMPONENTS

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Uprite – 244928

$28.76 – $124.25

Pegboard Back – 244396

$11.20 – $193.74

Top Rail – 245001

$5.07 – $27.32

SD Deck – 245003

$27.27 – $76.76

Base Bracket – 244297

$12.81 – $34.27

Lozier Shelving Products

Advance Displays is the largest stocking distributor of Lozier products and related accessories. Serving the retail industry since 1979, Advance Displays has the capacity, experience, and solutions you need—and the means to deliver.

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