Lozier Continuous Wire Basket Unit

Lozier Continuous Wire Basket Unit



Lozier Continuous Wire Basket Unit


Organize the odds and ends of your merchandise with the Continuous Wire Basket. Sloped front retains merchandise while allowing customers easy access to what they’re looking for. Basket is reversible when Brackets are in the downslant position.

  • 8″ H back and 6″ H sloped front
  • Reversible when Brackets are in downslant position
  • Angular adjustment: flat or 17? downslant position
  • Brackets are sold separately
  • Molding holder available
  • Order Dividers separately
  • Evenly distributed load of 400 lbs (in flat position)


– Shelf Width: 3′, 4′

– Shelf Depth: 13″, 16″, 19″, 22″

– Shelf Finish: BCP, Optional Catalog Colors

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A


Shelf Depth

13", 16", 19", 22"

Lozier Finish

PLT-Platinum, LAX-Platinum Laminate, MA1-Platinum Melamine, WHT-White, L1J-White Laminate, MA5-White Melamine, W08-Cool White, LX4-Cool White Laminate, SIL-Silver, LX6-Silver Laminate, MB5-Silver Melamine, GRY-Gray, LB3-Gray Laminate, MB4-Gray Melamine, CHR-Charcoal, LB8-Charcoal Laminate, MB6-Charcoal Melamine, A65-Oyster, N75-Nubian Brown, N81-Classic Copper, A37-Foundry, LTA-Foundry Laminate, AA8- Statuary Bronze, T76-Tan, SAN-Sand, RBL-Royal Blue, G35-Hunter Green, G98-Green, R53-Primary Red, LH2-Primary Red Laminate, POP-Poppy, YEL-Yellow, Q88-Silver Vein, QJ6-Black Rust, QH3-Sparkle Silver, QK5-Black Wrinkle, QL6-Copper Vein, QG8-Clear Coat, QS9-Powder Brass, LAW-White Leather, L92-Cocobala, LLR-Wild Cherry Laminate, MF7-Wild Cherry Melamine, LIM-Maple Laminate, L0H-Solar Oak, LA1-Oak Laminate, IA1-Oak Melamine, 2LY-Pewter Brush, LZJ-Brushed Aluminum, BCP-Chrome Plated, CLR-Clear Glass, GLV-Galvanized, N/A, PTD-Painted Random